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Roamist by Slaveiko Savov is powered by Fora, a Virtuoso agency.


Being a Roamist

Roamist for me is someone who travels with both a sense of purpose and enjoyment. They are not merely tourists, but rather explorers who seek to immerse themselves in new cultures and experiences. A Roamist may have a specific goal in mind, such as learning a new language or discovering unique local cuisine, but they are also open to the unexpected opportunities that arise during their travels. They may wander off the beaten path, take risks, and push their own boundaries in order to fully engage with the world around them. A Roamist approaches their travels with a sense of curiosity, wonder, and respect.

Let's be Roamists!

Why Use an Advisor

Why should you hire someone to do something you can do yourself?


Here are the 3 most important reason for me:


-Curated Experiences: With all the information available in your pocket it's easy to get overwhelmed. Advisors curate that information to fit your needs using knowledge, experience and their network of partners and community.


-Time Saver: The advisor does the heavy lifting for you so the time you would spend researching can be spent doing something you like instead.


-Dedicated Support: The advisor is there for you throughout your trip and beyond. They anticipate things that can go wrong,  proactively work to avoid them and if something does go wrong, they are there to help and support you.


The best part is, this is something you're already paying for even if you book on your own, so take advantage of this awesome service. 



The Essentials Roamist


The essentials of travel planing are usually the hardest to figure out. I work personally with my clients to find the perfect hotel, resort or cruise that fits their travel style, budget and interests. If needed I also make recommendations about flights and destination options.

*$50 deposit is due at the start of planning that will be refunded once the trip has started.

The Everything Roamist

The Roamist Perks

from $50

For those who don’t have the time or don’t like to deal with the process of planning and just want to enjoy their trip, I offer a customized full itinerary including booking flights, accommodations, ground transportation, dinners, excursions and more.


Pricing: $50 per day of planned custom itinerary. Semi-custom options available.

Through my vast network of partners, including thousands of hotels worldwide as well as cruise companies and experience providers, often I am able to offer additional perks to my clients including: complimentary meals, resort/spa credits, room upgrades, early check-in/late check-out, and more.

*Powered by  Fora, a Virtuoso agency.


Travel Guides and Itineraries

This is what you can expect from working with Fora affiliated advisor like me. Learn about all the perks, the process and why this is an amazing option for you!

My take on things to do in Vail in the summer. Great places to stay and eat, exciting activities, day trips and more. In this charming little town in the Rockies there is something for everyone.

Find out what makes this disruptor on the cruise market so special and irresistible.

Off the beaten path destinations for unique and unforgettable honeymoon. Unexpected places to relax and be surrounded by luxury.

London never gets old. Check out this guide about where to eat, stay, play and plan the perfect trip.

A guide to Ecuador's capital Quito, the spa town of Baños de Agua Santa and charming Cuenca.

Quiet street of a littlle village in europe.
Street in Vail Village, Colorado
Valiant Lady, cruise ship by Virgin Voyages at Sunset
secluded tropical beach
Tipycal London House, British flag
Plaza San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador


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